Philadelphia wedding photographer,websites, SEO and memories.

I have been away from blogging for a while not because I have nothing to say or nothing is happening, quite the contrary. I have been editing and working on my new website. It will be up and running very shortly. No longer are the days when you just put images on a site now you must now do your SEO(search engine optimization)homework. Your site also must be seen by not only desktop computers but be accessible by ipads and  iPhone’s. Twenty-five percent of  your clients are using these devices to find you, in two years that number will double.

Optimizing your site is only one part of the job,optimizing images is the second part of the game. Google and other search engines are changing all of the time so you need to stay informed about how you are seen online. So today I’m uploading these images on my blog to see what happens with the SEO? Will these images show up when I Google them? Will it pull up my ranking? We shall see!

When going through many of my past and present weddings so many memories and feelings come to the surface. I must say I have a great job and have had lots of fun creating these images. If you are in the pictures give us a shout! If you are seeing these for the first time and like what you see,let us know. I would love to hear from you. 

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