Villanova Wedding

From time to time I am asked if I have ever had the opportunity to photograph at Villanova University Chapel ? The answer is Yes!

This is the wedding of Jessica & Ryan back in December 2009 . The reason I posted this is two fold. First,I’m in the middle of designing the album now. Looking back at the images brought back memories. We had so much fun at this wedding and it is Villanova, so it’s a good excuse to post. Second, many brides are now booking fall weddings when the light is not as plentiful as it is today. They are worried about the “light” and for good reason when sunset is 4:30pm . No worries ladies this why you hire me a Professional wedding photographer. Someone who understands and takes advantage of the opportunities a short day can give. It also doesn’t hurt to have beautiful weather in December.

Please take some time to enjoy the wonderful day we all had. My best wishes and good luck to Jessica & Ryan !

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