Union League of Philadelphia …. Sara & Phillip

On November 20th I had the pleasure to be the photographer for Sara & Phillip’s wedding at the Union league of Philadelphia. They had a wonderful day a bit chilly and breezy  but very nice.

I enjoy coming to the Union League, Abby Kanak and her staff are top notch. They are always ready to help and make us feel welcome. When you enter the Union League you first notice the beautiful rooms and furniture. As you venture further into the space you realize the history this place has.

My approach with this wedding was to be somewhat formal ,sophisticated and classic. The bride and groom did not want to travel around town they wanted to stay close to the Union league. So we used various spots in and around the building.  Sara’s dress being so elegant really inspired me to go for that “old school look”.

I want to Thank Raymond Moul and Phil Mantis for their great work. Most of all Thanks Sara and Phillip for a great day! I wish you all the best:)


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