Uncle Bob Crashes Mark Zuckerburg wedding!

Congratulations to Mark Zuckerburg and his bride Priscilla Chan, All the best!

Just to say congrats to this lovely couple or to be a critic is not my reason to write today. Wedding photography is what I do so when I see something like everywhere, I take notice. Is it me or is this photo kinda amateurish? Could this be the work of Uncle Bob! With his brand new Nikon D4, or a good friend with an iphone?

I have to say the light bulbs coming out of each of his ears and cutting off the brides hand at the knuckles is pretty cool,you need talent for that. It is a cute photo and I’m sure there are more,better ones? I do not want to be a critic. I have no idea of these peoples personality or the instructions the photographer was given on how to handle and photograph these folks. All I can say and the thing that stuck me was, is this the best you got? I mean your like the richest guy in the world and creator of Facebook any chance you could show a professional photo?

Maybe this is the new wave, like Dennis Reggie’s iconic image of John Kennedy Jr., kissing the hand of his bride as they left the church. Forget simple rules of photography and go paparazzi,it’s all about content. This photo right now is maybe the most popular wedding image out there today.

So my question to all of you reading this and looking at this image is…Would you be happy with this image if you paid for it? If you had one photo to show the world about your wedding, would this be it? Do you think this is good quality wedding photography or even a good candid photo?

Again I’m not trying to be a critic, I’m really interested in your opinions of this very popular image.


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Ray - July 23, 2012 - 3:32 pm

It’s a toss-up I think.. With the sun behind them they are well-lit and no raccoon eyes so it makes me think that this is a new wedding photographer or the second-shooter perhaps?

I agree it is poorly composed and they both look stiff.. Especially Mark… Photographer was probably so excited to get this shot that he forgot all the other rules…