A few weeks ago I had attended the Fresh event at the Elkins Estate . As I mingled around the venue I ran into Brian Toner  from Eventions Productions.  Brian is one of the top lighting/production event specialists in Philadelphia.  “Hey Brian how’s it going”? “Good” he said. “So what’s hot these days” I said . “Well, I have this gig at Villanova I’m doing lighting for a concert. The band is The Fray and they are very popular, would you like to take some photographs of them and of my set-up for me?”  I said “Sure sounds like fun!”

I  like to think of myself as all “hip and cool”,  but I guess not so much anymore as I had never heard of The Fray.  So I go out to shoot the band and I had a blast! The Fray are really good and the opening act – Steel Train – is a group from New Jersey, and they were great too.

Thanks Brian for giving me the opportunity to be a part of something so cool, even if I’m not.  🙂

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Mandy - April 30, 2010 - 4:34 am

They’re absolutely amazing!

Wayne Gustafson - April 30, 2010 - 6:53 am

Bravo Kevin. Awesome pics. Hopefully you can make The Untouchables look that good sometime. 🙂

MarkSpizer - May 2, 2010 - 11:40 pm

great post as usual!

Morgan - September 4, 2010 - 7:39 pm

AMAZING pictures! I was front row at this concert and you took pictures of the crowd, and me! I was looking for you’re pictures from the concert for a while and I JUST found them now. You are in some of my pictures from the concert, haha. Well anyway, thanks for posting! And I was wondering, do you have any of the pictures of the crowd anywhere? I’d love to see them. THANKS!