Summer Love

March is here and hopefully spring is just around the corner? But judging by the snowfall today I’m not sure when winter will ever end. So I thought it would be nice to give you a little bit of summer love:) To warm your hearts on a cold snowy March day.

I’ve been wanting to show this Image for some time now,it is one of my favorites. I was speaking to photographer friend recently who said that if she knew me when she got married, I would have been her photographer. Well I was blown away by that. I respect this persons work and to have one of your peers say that is a great compliment. She mentioned that I get it! That a lot of photographers can make great images but that my work has soul and feeling. I couldn’t agree more:)

If you are like my photographer friend,your getting married,need a photographer and you get it,call me.

Oh, and stay warm!

“Let me show you what love looks like”
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