Sarah & Ben: A Bucks County Wedding

Sarah & Ben’s wedding day-  December 27th, 2009 – was perfect.  The weather this winter has been frightful, but we luckily had one of those rare nice weekends, which was nice from a photography standpoint. I had a blast with these folks and I got some very cool shots. The big concern I hear with late fall or winter weddings (mostly concerning portraits) is about outdoor photos . “Will we have enough light “, “Do we need to see each other before ?” I always suggest (if it’s going to be dusk or dark of night) we find someplace with lots of  light displays like the mall or city streets.  Sarah’s  idea was to go to the Promenade Shops at  Saucon Valley to take some photographs, which turned out to be a great idea.  It worked out great and it was a special place to the couple.

So here is a small sample of their day. Toward the end of this post is a series of images of Sarah dancing with her father where I was able to catch her mother and friends looking on. Sarah called afterward thanking me for capturing such tender moments. Thank you Sarah.

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