Renee & Tim’s Bucks County Wedding

You couldn’t have asked for more beautiful weather on a Saturday in April, unless of course you were Renee and Tim, and it was your wedding day.The ceremony was held at St. John the Evangelist in Lambertville, New Jersey, an the architecture in the church was magnificent, and as you can see from the photos made for some fantastic images. Shortly after the ceremony, the bride and groom were given a police escort from Lambertville to New Hope (doesn’t hurt that the groom is a police officer) for the reception party, held at Occasions, in New Hope.

So in addition to beautiful weather, and a magnificent chapel, Occasions is located beside the New Hope Railroad, which Tim and Renee were excited to incorporate into the photography shoot between the ceremony and wedding reception. Once the actual wedding reception began and the band began playing, my team really got going. My second shooter Erin and I were busy taking photographs while Ray – the ‘behind the scenes’ guy – got to work editing the pictures we had taken so far (and more that were to come of the wedding formalities) into what we call a ‘day of’ slide show. This is where we assemble photos of the events of the day and present them in a digital slide show for the guests to see… before the party is over!

I really couldn’t have asked for a better day. All of the guests were in high spirits, the families were great to work with (really great folks), the weather was perfect, and Fran and the folks at Occasions in New Hope were really easy to work with. Sarah Morrison from All About Events was also invaluable in helping me accomplish everything I was able to achieve that day from the photographer’s standpoint, and speaking of photographers, Laura Eaton – fellow industry photographer – was there with her Soiree Photo Lounge, which is great fun and had people laughing and having a good time. The up lighting provided by Cutting Edge Entertainment really added ambiance to the room, which really makes for some dramatic photos as well.

I should probably add that Renee is an event planner herself, and works with Sarah Morrison at All About Events, and although it’s quite an honor to be chosen by a fellow wedding industry professional to shoot their wedding, it is even a greater honor to be asked by Renee and Tim because I consider them good friends. To be chosen by friends is the greatest honor of all.

Tim and Renee, I wish you the best of luck, health and happiness in your journeys as husband and wife.

Kevin York

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Renee McIntyre - May 10, 2011 - 1:10 pm


I can’t express our gratitude enough. The images from our wedding are absolutely incredible. I never knew we could look so good! Thank you for everything you did to make our wedding AWESOME, and all the memories you have helped us to capture. You are THE best!