Love Of a Lifetime & Some Luck !

Back on February 12th I was witness to a pleasant surprise. Being the official wedding photographer of the “Love of a Lifetime” wedding giveaway (a.k.a. “LOL”), I was asked to photograph interviews of the two final two couples in the competition, and was also told that no one yet knew the outcome of the competition.  As I was getting my equipment together I was looking around for a second couple, thinking that they may be coming later. Surprise, surprise, the winners had already been chosen, and something tells me that Faye and Matt – the winning couple – were the most surprised of all.  Coincidentally, I had meet Faye at a Bridal show a few weeks prior. I could tell she really wanted to win this wedding, and was very excited at the possibility of having me as her photographer.  I told her  “Don’t worry I’m the luckiest photographer you’ll ever meet,  and since we’ve now met, you’re going to win. ”  We had a laugh, but I’m sure she didn’t believe me.

Perhaps there may be something to that luck thing after all.

After learning about the great news we went out on the town and made some fun Images . Please follow Faye and Matt’s  journey

Culinary Concepts, and their Events at I.S.M. (along with, and something like a dozen other Philadelphia event professionals) are all a part of the Love of a Lifetime wedding giveaway.

Congratulations to Faye and Matt.


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