Love of a lifetime album design!

The Love of a Lifetime album is here! As you know in 2009 I was selected by and Culinary Concepts to be the official photographer for the big event( May 23rd 2010). Time has now passed the holidays are behind us and the work to make Matt and Faye’s album has begun. Many couples will ask “how long does it take to do my album” ? Really the question is different for every couple. Some want to take a long time to look at each image . Some want to do it as soon as possible. I would say that Matt and Faye are in a typical time frame from my experience. I as the photographer can not choose ALL the images for a couple. I do not know what photos are dear to their hearts. I can only look at the day and tell a story from my point of view,which for some is just fine. What I like to do is have the couples pick images then work with them to make the best book we can. We may make suggestions if something does not seem to fit or something else may work better.

What is great about this project is that everything from the engagement(s) shoot to the final album will be documented. If you are someone who may be thinking of using me as your photographer you will be able to see this from start to finish. Just go to my categories and find LOL or click on the “Love of a Lifetime”  it will take you to all the blog posts .  The album at this point is only the design stage. As soon as the book is produced I will post images of that for you to check out.

When viewing this book remember this is set in spreads so the first spread is the inside cover(all black) then page one(the invitation) the second spread is page two and three. Also we have done black page backgrounds and white so the white pages as you view them look like they have no boarders, I assure you they do. This is an 11×14 (11×28 when laying open) horizontal album.

Please let me know what you think of this design, I value you comments:)

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