Photographer Kevin York, found shot in field with piano!

Well, not exactly,but got ya lookin’? The real story is Kristin and Alex came to me with a great idea about doing their engagement photos. They are musicians and wanted their images to reflect their love of music. They are creative people and when they chose me as their wedding photographer they wanted someone who was willing to be creative with them. On that note it is important to collaborate with your photographer. I always say that the more you give me, the more I can give back. Not everyone can be this imaginative or visual but it is important when choosing a photographer that they work with you not against you. No one really wants to be put you into some kind of one size fits all creative solution.

So back to the story… Kristin says”I want to be in a big field with a piano”I said”good luck with that”. She said”we have a piano already we just need a place to shoot with it”. Well, to say the least I was very excited! I had to then scout locations for what I had in my mind. I kept coming back to images in a short film the Beatles had done for the song Strawberry Fields. In that film they used a white stand up piano,the same kind Kristin had. It was last fall when we started on this so I had this vision of  a wheat field , low light or maybe dusk with big sky. I found the perfect place with amber ways of grain and great vistas. The only problem was by the time we could get together the field had been cultivated and plowed,now what?

Fast forward to the spring of 2012. Kristin calls me and says “hey Kevin a friend of mine has a big 100 acre farm we can use” “she has big fields and one of them has a huge tree in the middle” I said “YES ! That is exactly what we need!” In my mind this was the perfect spot but we had to see it and can we truck a piano out into a field? Is it going to be too wet? Just lots of things to think about.

The day we chose was April 27th a beautiful day but with barley 60 degree temps and a steady 20 mph wind with gusts higher it posed a challenge. Being the professional that I am and a couple who are determined to make their vision happen it was a recipe for success. Thank you Kristin and Alex for your wonderful ideas and hard work to make these images great!




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