Debbie & Joe’s Atrium at Curtis Center wedding


February would not seem like a good time of the year here in Philadelphia for a wedding but times they are a changing. The temps were in the mid fifties with just a drizzle here and there. Even with a bit of rain it did not dampen the fun or enthusiasm of Debbie & Joe’s wedding day! They were determined to get outside and enjoy the city in fact we had a few surprises for Joe along the way.

Our first surprise for Joe was the reveal, both of them were so nervous but once they saw each other the love shown through and nerves went away. The next surprise was a bit different. Debbie’s father is a Philadelphia police officer and Debbie wanted so much to be photographed with a police cruiser. Little did Joe know that he was going to be arrested by his wife handcuffed and put in the cruiser! Like I said just a bit different:)

We then went to City hall to do family,bridal party and bride & groom photos. While there we were serenaded by a very talented street performer, all in all it was a great time running around the city making great photographs.

The ceremony and reception were at the Atrium at the Curtis Center. Cescaphe was the caterer and did a wonderful job as usual. For entertainment was Jelly Roll an awesome band as always, great seeing my friend Kurt Titchenell.

Debbie and Joe are a fun loving couple and are a blast to be around. Justin and I had a great time at your wedding and we wish you all the best!!





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