Cescaphe wedding, Jane & Joe, Atrium at Curtis Center.

I love when I can post a wedding with the couples own words about their day. Thank you so much Jane &Joe this was really great! You guys rock:)


Dear Kevin,
I just wanted to follow up with you a little more formally to let you
know how much I appreciate everything you did for me and Jane to make
our wedding day so special, and to capture the most precious moments
in perpetuity. It is difficult for me to selectively decide on what
for and how to thank you in words, because aside from the obvious and
oversimplified notion that you took great pictures and were easy to
work with, you did and meant so much more; even the degree to which
you performed the aforementioned 'fundamental' task of a photographer
was beyond expectation and personal precedent.
Underlying it all, I believe, is your consummate professionalism and
innate leadership qualities, in your case evidenced by sincere
compassion, your congenial affect, and inimitable style, through which
you dynamically balance situational 'humours' to elicit the priceless
emotions you then capture, and seamlessly inject levity with the care
and familiarity of an old friend.

I guess I could start off by saying that choosing a photographer for
such a momentous occasion is obviously a big deal, not only because
the end results are critically important, but also because it is
expensive, and necessitates trusting a stranger in most cases. As far
as I can tell, every wedding is overwhelmingly about the bride, which
it should be, but there are some very significant differences between
men and women that can lead to awkward situations, resentment,
anxiety, fear, etc., if not handled properly, and generally the groom
gets the short end of the stick because we complain less and 'go with
the flow'. I'd do anything for my wife: learn a complicated wedding
dance, sit through flower selections, endless planning conversations
knowing that my suggestions will usually be disregarded, and so on.
But one thing I was very nervous about were the photo shoots, namely
because I don't like excessive PDA ( public displays of affection)-
hand holing, occasionally stealing a kiss, hugging are all cool, but
prolonged posed kissing and  protracted eye-gazing are outside of my
comfort zone. Any groom who might read this and agree, should realize
that this is precisely what will be expected of you during engagement
photo shoots and even MORE so at the Big Day itself. Worse, there are
a million cameras and doting eyes... I was dreading it. But Kevin, you
saved me. You saved me, man. You were so cool about everything,
understanding my apprehension, and you handled me like the pro that
you are. You let me make my stupid jokes, and through a combination of
patience, laughing along, and telling me when to get serious, you
built a rapport with me during our initial engagement photo shoot that
broke my comfort zone... comfortably... and re-established it where it
needed to be, preparing me for the real deal. All the while, you kept
my wife excited, happy, laughing, and indulged whatever small but
important requests she had, and in doing so endeared yourself to her
as well. After that day, I was confident that we were in good hands,
and so was she.
Then the wedding came, and you blew away my already high expectations.
You were the MAN. Jane felt like a goddamn princess, felt as beautiful
as she looked, felt special- you handled the most important job
yourself. You sent experienced crew members to photo me and my crew,
and they were great; reflecting back on the 'First Look' with my wife,
when I finally got to see you a bit and we were all under your direct
supervision, it was an added morale boost and I felt like one of my
good buddies had finally arrived. From that point, though, your true
professionalism and mastery of your art was undeniable. You were in
full control of every photographer, every scene, and had a clear and
decisive plan for every facet and every moment, from those we'd
arranged, to the pricieless candids. You were in your element,
focused, happy, and in charge. At the venue, I felt a sense of
security knowing you were there orchestrating every angle and shot.
Perhaps equally admirable, you were even there to pat me on the back
when you sensed my nervous anticipation and to tell me that we were
doing great, and that I'd be fine (it helps to hear it, even when you
already know it). I'd also be remiss not to mention how you saved my
ass when (I am ashamed to say) a very close family member was throwing
a tantrum, feeling left out- and where everyone else had failed, it
was you and you alone who skillfully and compassionately placated her
and devoted precious time and energy to making her, too, feel special.

NEedless to say, your work was outstanding, and the photos were
everything we could have hoped for. Without hesitation, I would
recommend you to anyone and everyone, knowing that you are a High
Profile Photographer of the highest echelon, and worth every penny you
charged for your services. You made me happy and comfortable, and more
importantly you made my wife feel as special as she deserved. And
worth mentioning, you made a friend- thanks for the holiday card and
for calling me on my birthday, just to say 'Hey!".

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. We cannot wait to help
finalize the album, and to hopefully someday work with you again. May
happiness and success always find you.


Joe and Jane
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