A Wedding Story,Elissa& Dennis

Hello Kevin,

I just wanted to share a story with you….

Over a year ago, I fell in love with your work over the computer. I did my research, as most brides do, and checked out several photographer websites and met with several through recommendations of friends and family and things just didn’t seen right. The moment I came across your photography, I knew you were the one!! As I explained during our first meeting, I don’t know anything about photography, I just know what looks beautiful, creative, and made me feel good. The images I viewed on your website and in your studio were literally breathtaking and left me speechless. They brought me to tears many times, and I am not a person that is ever quiet or easily comes to tears. Your photography captured so, so many emotional moments that I actually found myself feeling as if I were the Bride, the parent, or the friend in the photographs of  these people whom I didn’t even know. I knew instantly you were the only person that could photograph our wedding with creativity, a sense of tradition, a bit of an edge, and capture the emotion that we carry in our lives.

Well, as we sit and try to choose images for our wedding album, I realized, YOU GOT IT…..all! Somehow, you captured US as a couple, US as we were raised by our individual families, and US as we begin our new life together……amazing!!

One of my very favorite images was walking down the side isle of church with my father holding my hand tight. As we began to turn and walk down the center isle of church I was able to get a quick glance of my “soon-to-be” husband. The expression on his face was the EXACT same thing that I was feeling inside. The sense of “finally, we are here” and “I love you”. At this same moment, I also had a glance of 3 of my dearest friends from different moments in my life whom always were a huge source of encouragement and support during very trying times. They all looked so happy for me at that moment. As a result, my huge smile turned into laughter. Many saw my laughter as nervousnes; however, I know it was not. The expression of my laughter was probably one of the most amazing feelings I ever experienced in my life and you captured an image of it along with so many other moments like this.

Kevin, I will be forever grateful to you for photos like this one. I know when we receive our completed wedding album it will always tell a story for generations to come. It will not just tell the story of our wedding day, but it will tell the biggest story of all…the story of the emotions of my life: growing with my family, my friends, and with the one true love of my life, my husband, Dennis. ;0)

Sincerely & with much appreciation,

Elissa Dominguez

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