A Love Story,Susan & Ted Forever!

Susan & Ted Sidoriak are good friends of mine and a great couple,who are very much in love. They are very busy folks like many of us with kids, jobs and whatever else we get ourselves into. So when Susan approached me one day and told me what she and Ted had planned, I was blown away. She told me that for their twentieth wedding anniversary they had planned a weekend in NYC and invited all of their close friends. Susan then said she wanted this occasion photographed and she could not think of anyone else she would want to do it but me! I was honored to say the least. So off to NYC we went!

Susan and I sat down a week before and talked about what it was she wanted the photos to say from this weekend. ” I want my daughters twenty years from now to see their mother and father in love, that marriage can last and that you can be in love forever”. I thought what a beautiful concept. We also talked about having some fun with Tiffany’s ,the Brooklyn Bridge and it also was Susan’s Birthday that weekend.

So to my surprise Susan and Ted put us up in the Waldorf Astoria the same hotel they were staying. The big surprise was when we got to their suite it was massive. The suite was the former home of Niki and Paris Hilton, ya know just a place for kids to hang out!

To say the least the weekend was a great success and I think the photos are excellent! Please let me know what you think, I always love to hear from you:)

Susan Sidoriak is the owner of Silverbox Creative Studio in Lederach PA. Her studio specializes in graphic design,invitations, greeting cards and Family/children portraiture.

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