Debbie & Joe’s Atrium at Curtis Center wedding


February would not seem like a good time of the year here in Philadelphia for a wedding but times they are a changing. The temps were in the mid fifties with just a drizzle here and there. Even with a bit of rain it did not dampen the fun or enthusiasm of Debbie & Joe’s wedding day! They were determined to get outside and enjoy the city in fact we had a few surprises for Joe along the way.

Our first surprise for Joe was the reveal, both of them were so nervous but once they saw each other the love shown through and nerves went away. The next surprise was a bit different. Debbie’s father is a Philadelphia police officer and Debbie wanted so much to be photographed with a police cruiser. Little did Joe know that he was going to be arrested by his wife handcuffed and put in the cruiser! Like I said just a bit different:)

We then went to City hall to do family,bridal party and bride & groom photos. While there we were serenaded by a very talented street performer, all in all it was a great time running around the city making great photographs.

The ceremony and reception were at the Atrium at the Curtis Center. Cescaphe was the caterer and did a wonderful job as usual. For entertainment was Jelly Roll an awesome band as always, great seeing my friend Kurt Titchenell.

Debbie and Joe are a fun loving couple and are a blast to be around. Justin and I had a great time at your wedding and we wish you all the best!!





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Mansion on Main Street wedding, Mariane & Drew

With everyone in Philadelphia excited about the Eagles these days I thought back to last July and the wedding of Mariane & Drew at the Mansion on Main Street in Voorhees NJ.  The wedding day had a bit of a theme Drew was a college and arena football player. He played football at the University of Iowa, Iowa Hawkeyes and participated in the 2006 Alamo Bowl. He also played professional football for the Philadelphia Soul.

Mariane loves her football player and it shows! She also loves her photos as you can see in this review. I’ve selected a few of my favorites to share I hope you like them as much as I do:)

“Selecting your wedding photographer is a big deal! Possibly the most important decision you actually make during wedding planning. Pictures are the only thing you get to keep after the wedding day has come and gone. We met Kevin at a bridal show in Philadelphia and we loved his work from day 1. After speaking with him over the phone, we knew that this was THE guy for us and we hired him! A few months before the wedding, we had our engagement shoot and fell in love with his photography style and his personality even more! Kevin knows how to take phenomenal pictures and how to make you feel natural about having your picture taken. Everyone will tell you that the day of your wedding is hectic and there are so many things happening at once. It is 100% vital that your photographer know what to expect, how to deal and how to capture the many memories made on the big day. Drew and I can 100% say that Kevin and Justin totally conquered our day. Their creativity, personalities, experience – the list goes on and on! Kevin York Photography went above and beyond anything we could have imagined for our wedding day. Thank you so much to Cindy for your responsiveness and assistance in the time leading up to the wedding. And, thank you so much to Kevin and Justin for capturing the special moments that we experienced in addition to the moments that we missed on our wedding day. We can’t thank you enough.”

Mariane & Drew Gardner

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Just Be You! ~ Wedding Photography at The Barn on Bridge

After all these years and so many weddings I’m still kinda anxious about what people will say when someone asks about our work. We always ask our couples to give us a review and let us know how we did? This review was very special. It goes to show choosing a wedding photographer isn’t just about price and pretty pictures it can also be about making you feel wonderful!

Sara was one bride who was not into the “picture thing”. She felt uncomfortable in front of the camera, like many of you do. But it is my job to make that go away. My biggest concern for your wedding day is not creating images for advertising, social media, the venue or some magazine article, IT’S YOU! My concern is making the images you will love, because that’s all that matters!

Hello Cindy,

I am very late on a response to this email. Married life is good. We are almost 5 and 1/2 months pregnant and I’m finally starting to feel better. We were pregnant at the wedding, (we found out three days before) and after the wedding I was very sick. I guess a response is better late then never.
Maybe it’s better I’m doing a review a couple months after the wedding. I mean sure, your memory is better right after when everything is still raw and new, but maybe after a couple month after you’ve thought countless times about the day that got you were you are now, the day you spent the most money, the day were you started your life, is the best.
I lucked out with Kevin York. I was searching for a photographer randomly one night probably at 2 or 3 am,worried about if I’d find the right person, the cost and every wedding horror story I’ve ever heard. I sent in an inquiry online. The reason I feel like I found Kevin was because of my search near the location of where my wedding venue was. The website was professional and many of the images I saw were amazing. I thought yeah, great I won’t be able to get this guy. I got a call from Kevin the next day and I played hardball with him to say the least. My personality was that I was NOT big on getting my picture taken. I just wanted to make sure I had a professional that I know would show up, stay the whole wedding, and get me my pictures. After talking to Kevin, I must say we really hit it off as though we were not strangers. He was personable, he listened to my needs, and was super accommodating. After we talked on the phone we set up engagement pictures. I wasn’t on board at first because again not a fan of pictures but he assured me it’s very important because it will help with the day of the wedding instructions. I can’t tell you enough how true that was. I got the engagement pictures back and I was stunned! I recently lost some weight and I can’t explain the confidence I got just seeing myself in that way. I can see in my pictures in the very beginning I looked a little tense and it looked more unnatural to the middle and end I just looked comfortable and happy. It helped me so much and I know that’s what made the wedding pictures so beautiful.
Day of wedding, Kevin showed up (check) fear number one off the board. He was on time with his assistant. He was ready to get to work immediately. It had just snowed a lot two days before my wedding. Kevin and his assistant were literally on the ground. On the ground. Taking our picture to get good outdoor shots.
My family loved him, they got comfortable right away.
Before the wedding I had filled out a time line to describe how I thought my day should go and Kevin adjusted it to where he knew what was going to happen, what pictures I wanted and just reassuring me that everything about my wedding will be covered.
I must say out of all the vendors, Kevin was probably the easiest to work with. He was always available by phone or email and got back to me right away. He reached out to me first, like during rehearsal at the venue when I saw 10 inches of snow outside and thought well how is this going to work, I got a call from him a second later and he just made me feel better and said make sure I bring some snow boots. Everything went so well and my pictures are so great. I am not good at reviews but I feel like I covered everything. If I had to do it again I would use Kevin York as my photographer. Thank you for everything and letting me see myself in this way it has actually in a way bettered my life knowing that I look year way and I will always see myself like this for years to come.
Sara Arnhold

For someone who was NOT big into pictures, Sara you did awesome! The secret…… JUST BE YOU!
Sara & Justin’s wedding was at The Barn on Bridge







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Honoring A Perfect Match – Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

When it comes to special occasions, honoring a sacred union is one worth remembering. We all have our ideas about what a wedding could and should look like. It is our day, a moment in time that we aspire to capture and seal in our memory banks for years to come. May 6th of 2017 was one of these specialty captivating days, where the stars all seemed to align in just the right way. Philadelphia wedding photographer Kevin York was here to capture such a day at the James A. Michener Art Museum. Kevin saw firsthand how much it means to be in love when he photographed his special couple in Doylestown.

Theia (Marion) from Ivy Kaplan provided the bride’s gorgeous wedding gown. Tribeca-CTO provided the incredible music for the event. Cindy Singer of Dylan Michaels Cosmetics handled the beautiful make-up for the bride. Jill Kozar from Up Your Do handled the brides’ gorgeous hair and Terri Fair from Catering by Design also stepped in to provide a wide range of tantalizing foods. To top it all off, Bredenbeck’s Bakery provided the beautiful wedding cake. Kevin’s imagery illustrated a day that was intricately planned for months. His photography highlighted a special relationship and commitment.

Although the day had a rainy beginning, clouds soon parted to make way for sun while family and friends enjoyed delicious bites, drinks and dancing to commemorate this momentous occasion. The love present throughout the day was palpable and is sure to be remembered for years to come. The honored couple expressed their thanks for the amazing vendors who implemented their vision and exceeded their expectations.

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Shoshana & Adam at the Crystal Tea Room

I met Shoshana Katz many years ago when she was a dancer working with Cutting Edge DJ’s. I was asked to photograph the dancers for a blog Cutting Edge was doing at the time. Shoshana was one of those people who just light up a room with her energy and her smile. I still remember that day and “That Girl”.

Fast forward a few years later and Shoshana and I are doing a stylized bridal photoshoot for the Seaport Museum. She was the bride in the photoshoot. I remember her saying to me after we looked at many images”If I ever get married Kevin you will be shooting my wedding some day”. I think that was like 8 years ago? Guess what? she kept her word and I’m so happy she did!

Shoshana and Adam (who I also met at Cutting Edge,a really great guy) had an awesome day in October for their wedding. They started out at the Ritz Carlton Philadelphia. We set up a nice moment at the Ritz for a “first glance”. Then it was off to Rittenhouse Square for some fun shots with bridal party and bride & groom.

The ceremony and reception took place at the Crystal Tea Room. The folks at Finley Catering were wonderful and did a great job. Cutting Edge DJ’s provided non stop entertainment all night long but Shoshana & Adam, their families and friends made the show.

This wedding is very special to me for lots of reasons but when I think about how young Shoshana was when she said I would be her photographer for her wedding it kinda blows me away looking at these photos today.

Shoshana & Adam I wish you and your families all the best!

Vendors from this wedding:

  • Cinemacake
  • Cutting Edge DJS
  • Carl Alan Floral
  • Lovebirds-photobooth
  • Rebecca Richman Events


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